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    Baguio ( CAR )

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Break routine from work or school and get out of the grimy capital. Manila can make you hotheaded especially with its tropical climate and outrageous traffic. Travel up to the Cordillera mountain range to cool you down (and a chance to show off your “fall/winter” outfit). Why not visit places like Baguio, Sagada, and Banaue all in a single journey? Grab a cup of warm strawberry taho in Baguio, discover spelunking in the caves of Sumaguing Cave in Sagada, and experience the magnificent Batad Rice Terraces in Banaue. If that’s enough to stimulate your wanderlust, here’s a handy Baguio-Sagada-Banaue Itinerary you can bookmark for your upcoming travels!


The Mansion

The Mansion once served as the seat of the Second Session of Economic Commission of Asia and the Far East in 1947. It has also been the site of first meeting of the South East Asia Union which was popularly known as the Baguio Conference of 1950,   conceived and convened by Philippine President Elpidio Quirino.

The elaborate main gate of the Mansion is said to be a replica of that at Buckingham Palace in London, England. Vehicles entering the compound pass through a great circular driveway and it is usually open only when the Mansion is used for an official function or activity. With its beautiful gardens and a well-manicured lawn, it is a favorite site for sightseeing and picture taking.